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If interested in connecting or working with "Unselfish" and "Thriving Future" effort or want more info on Whimsey World, please contact Chris at:

 Email ( )

 Phone (301 318 3760)

Visit (Thrive! Center, E298 Cleveland St, Nelson (WI) 54756

GChris business card

   Thrive! - Building a Thriving Future – Core and foundational website supporting websites and blogs.
          Includes supporting strategy/tools/books to build better future.
   Unselfish – Be Unselfish. Unselfish ourselves. Achieve thriving future for all.  
   Stop Selfish – Stop being selfish, shortsighted, and stupid. Achieve thriving future for all.   
   Thrive! Endeavor - Join endeavor to build thriving future.
   Thrivism - Join Thrivism to build thriving future for all.
   Children Thrive Forever! - Aspire to future when children thrive forever.
   All Thrive Forever - Aspire to better future when all thrive forever.
   We Are Vulnerable - Reduce and avoid vulnerability for better future.
   The Thrive! System - Helping you and your community survive and thrive.
   Thrive! - All Thrive Forever - Play" strategic game in real-life.
   Endangered Future - Endangered more than ever before in our history.
   Xtinct – Current path is early extinction for humans and other creatures and great damage to Earth.
   HealthePeople - Use Thrive! to build healthy and thriving future.
   Whimsey World – Creative world of Angel and all the Whimseys.    
   GChris Sculpture - Thrive! sculpture supporting endeavor to build thriving future.
Thrive! Blogs:
   Thrivism Blog – Blog on path to thriving future for all.
   T! Blog - Blog key Thrive! messages and suggested actions.
   T! Blog - Blog asking and challenging "What will you do?"
   T! Blog - Thrive! sculpture and thoughts/messages. [WordPress Blog]
   T! Blog - Thrive! sculpture and thoughts/messages. [Website Blog]
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   Facebook Thrive! [Includes Thrive!, Thrivism, All Thrive Forever, HealthePeople, GChris Sculpture]
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