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 About Chris

Thrive!, created by Gary "Chris" Christopherson, is call to action with vision and mission for those wanting to build a thriving future for all. For decades, he strongly advocated Thrive! vision.

He is a sculptor of abstract art (GChris.com), having created over 200 sculptures. For sculptures he sells, he now gives all sculpture p

Chris created several science fiction books - The Thrive! Endeavor [Free Dnld], black box [Free Dnld], Extinction - The Failure To Thrive [Free Dnld], and Thrive! - Escape From Extinction [Free Dnld].

ayments to the Thrive! Scholarship.

Chris created four children's books - Thrive Or Not To Thrive? - Tale Of Two Tomorrows, T!rrific [terrific] - What will you do to thrive?, Early Extinction - Angel comes to save Earth, and Angel, Thriving Creator of Artful Things. (Amazon.com) Whimsey Books


Gary "Chris" Christopherson, Founder (Bio)

Over decades, he worked on building better futures and large and positive change at national and local levels and in both public and private sectors.

He authored several nonfiction books, including Thrive! - People's Guide to Thriving Future [Free Dnld], Be Unselfish! [Free Dnld], Stop Selfish! [Free Dnld] and Thrive! - Manual for Thriving Future [Free Dnld] Also available via Amazon.com

Book on Chris -  A Life in Pursuit of Thriving for All

This is story of and by Chris and his lifelong pursuit of thriving future for all. It begins and ends in rural western Wisconsin. But much happens, much in Washington (DC), in intervening decades. Available paperback/eBook via Amazon.com or free download.

Chris created Thrive! to push a positive view and future. Thrive! manifests itself in Chris’ many nonfiction and fiction books, websites, blogs, and eMedia messages and images. All advance the Thrive! vision and mission.

All this is for and is the thriving future Chris has been and continues pursuing with Thrive! Chris still believes that humans can move from current selfishness to unselfishness. To build and achieve a thriving future for all.

Chris' Public Service (Bio)

Founder, Thrive!® and HealthePeople®

DoD Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs

DoD Senior Advisor to Chief Operating Officer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, DHHS

Fellow, National Academy for Public Administration [current]

Senior Fellow and Scholar-in-Residence, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences

Associate Director, Presidential Personnel, Executive Office of the President, White House

Chief Information Officer, Veterans Health Administration, VA

Director of Health Legislation, House Select Committee on Aging, U.S. House of Representatives