Whimsey World
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Hi, This Is Whimsical World

Hi, this is Whimsey World. These are Whimseys.

Whimseys are many colors. Some are mixes of colors.

They don't have legs. But they can fly. They can hover.

They have arms and hands. No fingers. But they move things with their minds.

They also create things with their minds.

Angel is the most powerful Whimsey. Can fly. Can change color. Can be invisible. Can create the most artful, creative things of any Whimsey.

Angel may be able to move through space and time.

Very important. Almost all Whimseys are unselfish and thrive.

Whimseys are unselfish and thrive!

Hi, this is Whimsey World.

Whimsey World lies on a green plain with a backdrop of mountains.

Huge trees stand all over Whimsey World. Huge trees are home to many Whimsey homes.Whimseys are very good partners with trees and help them survive and thrive.

There are many different plants. Like Whimseys, plants are all different colors. They are many different shapes.Whimseys are very good partners with all plants and help them survive and thrive.

And then there are many other creatures. Again, all different colors. Alll different shapes. Some fly. Some swim. Some move over land. Whimseys are very good partners with all other creatures and help other creatures survive and thrive.

Whimsey World thrives!

Hi, these are Whimsey homes.

Many Whimsey homes sit firmly on ground as "stabiles". They can better withstand strong winds.

Many homes hang from trees as "mobiles". They can better move with and absorb powerful winds.

A few homes, like Angel's, are a combination mobile and stabile.

Angel's home is most creative in all of Whimsey. Angel gave the most creative ideas in building the home.

Angel's home thrives!

Oh yes, Chris has written several books about Angel and Whimsey World. "Angel of the Land of Whimsey" has much more info on Angel, the rest of the Whimseys, and Whimsey World. See Whimsey Books.

Books can be purchased via Amazon or downloaded for free.