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Hi, These Are Books About Whimsey World

Chris has written several books about Angel and Whimsey World.

"Angel, Thriving Creator of Artful Things" has much more info on Angel, the Whimseys, and Whimsey World.

Books can be purchased via Amazon or downloaded for free (see below).


"Angel, Thriving Creator of Artful Things"

Meet my friend Angel, the most creative, artful, and thriving Whimsey ever. Whimseys are wild and whimsical, brightly colored. They are from an amazing land far, far, away.

This is the story of how Angel becomes a thriving creator. Angel is powerful by being whimsical and creative. Angel becomes even more powerful by joining others to create thriving, artful things.

This is a heroic story. Whimseys face their greatest enemy, Dark Cloud - a very evil, powerful cloud. Can Whimseys survive? Even more, can they thrive?

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"Thrive Or Not To Thrive? That Is The Question!"

A tale of two tomorrows.

Far, far away is Whimsey World, a world filled with wonderful creatures known as Whimseys. For a very long time and with much effort, Whimsey World has been thriving, maybe best of any world. But Whimseys are losing their thriving future.

Today, they must choose which future they want. Current bad future will end thriving. Selfish future will allow some to thrive and many not to thrive. Whimsey World will go dark. Thriving future, like their past, is best. If they chose a thriving futue, all Whimseys and Whimsey World thrive, maybe forever.

Not only must they choose, but they must build and sustain that future. Can Angel and T!rrific lead Whimsey to a thriving future?

To thrive or not to thrive? That is the question! 

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"Early Extinction! Angel Comes To Earth."

Early Extinction? Sadly, humans’ current path on Earth is to early extinction for them and many other creatures. To do even greater damage to Earth.

Far, far away in another world, Whimsey world, Angel and sibling Wiley celebrate their avoiding early extinction and building and achieving a thriving future.

But Angel and sibling Wiley hear rumor Earth is on a very, very bad path to early extinction. Angel wants to help. Angel, with Wiley, comes to save Earth.

This is the story of what might happen if a creative, caring leader from another world comes to help humans, other creatures, and Earth.

Will this story have a happy ending? Will humans and other creatures, with Angel’s help, avoid early extinction. Stop further damage to Earth? Build a thriving future? A very, very good ending!

Or will humans, even with Angel’s help, be unwilling to save themselves and all other creatures. Unwilling to save Earth. To avoid early extinction. To stop damaging Earth.

If humans are unwilling, there will be early extinction. The end of human and much other life on Earth. Great damage to Earth. And no, humans do not get to escape to another world, another “Earth”. This is a very, very bad ending!

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"T!riffic [Terrific] - What Will You Do To Thrive?"

From far, far away in space and time travels a dark object. Only now does it near the world of Whimseys. Whimsey world is in Big trouble. Bad future. Will they change? Can they?

T!rrific (T! for short) is space and time traveler who (in the Thrive Endeavor) travels through space and time to help worlds. T! meets Angel (a very smart, creative Whimsey).

They must choose between current future (Bad), surviving future (Just OK), or Thriving future (Thriving). Facing a bad current future for Whimsey world, what choice does Angel make? How can T! and Angel avoid a bad future and build a thriving future?

Will Whimseys lose their bright colors? Will Whimsey world fade away? Or will they find creativity, bright colors, artful things, caring and thriving? Will Whimseys and their world build future when all thrive forever?

Will they Thrive!

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